posted 30 May 2014, 15:07 by castleconnor sligo
Current Jackpot €13,000

Castleconnor GAA Club is delighted to announce that it is now possible to purchase their club lotto online.
Castleconnor GAA in association with have established these online services so that any members or supporters will now be able to enjoy the convenience and ease of access offered by the web as they support their club’s fundraising efforts. This is particularly significant for members who, for whatever reason, are no longer in close proximity to the club or local area. Castleconnor GAA therefore is especially satisfied to have the online facility in place as it enables members and supporters who may have emigrated or moved away, to continue to demonstrate their support for the club. But implementing these online services is not just useful for emigrated members or supporters; it also provides an easy, effective and secure method for even local members to carry out all their club business through their own user accounts. is an established and award-winning organisation that has years of experience in assisting Irish sports clubs take their business online and Castleconnor GAA is joining more than 800 sports club across Ireland and the UK that use their services to benefit our members and supporters.
Club Chairman Bart Barrins explained the rationale for the club’s decision:
“We can now expand our reach and target supporters who have moved away by offering them the possibility of continuing to support the club by, for example, purchasing lotto tickets or signing up for club newsletters. It is also available to our local supporters as an easier option to support the club”